Yıldızkoy / Arkadia - EXTRANEOUS INFO
Meteorids, stars and Milky Way are better observed in moonless days.

Flashlight is very useful in the campsite.

Swimming at night is a good idea, especially when there is phosphorescence in the sea; but beware of the rocks and the sea urchins. It's best to use the decks or the ladders.

Although we don't have many flies at the cove, it still is better to bring something to protect yourself from the insects.

You're coming to a windy place: remember to bring a jacket 

Since the island is big and the public transportation is poor, it is best to come with a car or find friends who have a car:)

In the religious holidays, due to the high demand you may experience long waiting hours due to the ferry queue. In such circumstances please come to the island 1 or 2 days in advance.
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