Yıldızkoy / Arkadia - CONTACT & TRANSPORT

It's a good idea to ask the hours of the ferry before coming to the island. You can contact Gestaş by calling 444 0 752 or you can check their website:

Those who come with a private car:
If you are coming from Istabul, head toward Çanakkale direction. After Gelibolu and before Ecebat, follow Gökçeada direction tables. It will lead you to Kabatepe Dock, where you can find  Gökçeada ferries operated by Gestaş. When you land in Kuzulimanı-Gökçeada, follow the main road. Before coming to the town center take the first route to the right from the roundabout with Kaleköy direction's sign. Turn right when you reach the main road head towards Kaleköy. Before you arrive Kaleköy, take the right direction at Yenibademli and follow the road and look for Yıldızkoy direction signs. When you reach the valley, we are the first facility on the right.   

Those who come with a bus:
Truva Turizm runs daily services in each direction from and to Istanbul Esenler Otogar (Coach Station) and Gökçeada Merkez (Centre). Busses leave Esenler at 13.00 every day, and Gökçeada at 06.30. The journey takes around 7.5 hours including the ferry ride. It is also possible to take either Metro Turizm, Ulusoy, Truva Turizm and Kamil Koç towards Eceabat (all of the bus companies run several services throughout the day from Istanbul), get off at Eceabat and take the shuttle to Kabatepe and take a ferry from Kabatepe to Kuzulimani on the island.
When you are at the town center take the minibus that heads toward Yenibademli. When you reach Yenibademli, it is 10 mins walk to Yıldızkoy.
Telefon: +90 286 887 28 46 , E-posta: info@yildizkoy.com , ,